As new technologies emerge, new and exciting products become available. LED Direct gathers fun LED and Bluetooth products for parties, Christmas, setting the scene or just for everyday .

cree zoomable LED torch

Our Cree LED torches are super powerful, waterproof and zoomable – yet low energy, so a single set of batteries goes a very long way. Get your CSI on and get a Cree LED torch today!

LED Direct is developing a collection of unique LED Christmas lights and LED party lights. Added this week: rose LED light string and postcard LED light string.

rechargeable batteriesLED items require very little energy so batteries last many times longer than ordinary appliances. Where possible we encourage our customers to use rechargeable batteries to keep toxic chemicals out of our landfills.

What does LED stand for? LED is short for “light emitting diode”, invented by Soviet scientist Oleg Losev in 1927, but not appearing in practical electronics until 1962.