Smart, Bluetooth™ controlled, colour-changing LED candles (pack of 3). Flameless, so safe around children or in enclosed spaces. Blow on or blow off like real candle. Add aromatherapy scented disks (no messy or flammable oils). Control a single candle, multiple candles or create groups of candles from your smart phone. Light a pathway, a bathroom wash basin or a garden alcove.

APP CONTROL FROM SMARTPHONE : Wirelessly control your smart LED candle’s including: ON/OFF, brightness, colour, colour effects and timer configurations from your smartphone or tablet via free app downloaded from iOS App Store or Android Google Play.

SIXTEEN MILLION COLORS and 5 EFFECTS: Change your LED candle to any of 16,000,000 different colours.
Pre-set 5 color effects: PULSING , RAINBOW, FADING, FLASHING, Candle.


SHAKE TO CHANGE COLOURS: The “SHAKE CONTROL” enable you shake phone to change the LED candles colours.


Set your smart LED candle in motion. Control up to 5 Smart bulbs per group and multi groups can be created.


WAKE UP & SLEEP SETTING: Set a timer to turn candle ON / OFF at preset time and colour, eg. create Wake-up mode or Sleep mode to let your favorite color wake you up or put you to sleep, special for your kids.


AROMAS: 3 scent chips deliver rose, lavender and green tea fragrances.


BLOW TO TURN OFF: Built-in airflow sensor, you can blow it off or on like real candles.


CANDLE HOLDER & NIGHT LIGHT: Can be candle holder by putting it upside-down. It is ideal for kids as night light. 3 AA batteries can drive it for 60 days if it only runs 4 hours a day.


Note: Please ensure your cell phone supports Bluetooth version 4.0 before you purchase this product.

Select a quantity 1 for a box with 3 candles in it and 2 of the scented pads of each fragrance.


Price: $171.60

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